MAF Calculator

Online MAF Analyzer


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Your actual MaF value in Grams/sec  
Engine Displacement in Liters  
Altitude in feet  
Temperature (F)  
Relative Humidity %  
Advanced Inputs 

Only use these fields if you really understand what they are doing.

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Override Barometric Pressure
Override Volumetric Effeciency

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MAF reading should be about (grams/sec)
Percentage difference
Allow for + or - 8% margin of error
Actual Volumetric Efficiency

For best results

  1. Use a graphing scan tool
  2. Use manual PID selection to deselect all parameters except RPM and MAF gm/sec.
  3. Make sure the engine is at operating temperature

    By deselecting all other parameters, the scan tool will update faster and give more accurate results.